Mediation Fees via zoom

$100.00 Per Hour Per Party

Court-Ordered Divorce & family cases

          Minimum – 2 hours

Private Family Mediation- $150-$250  per hour per party-depending on the case - Minimum 2 hours  

$60.00- $120.00 Per Party

Continuation -Court Ordered Family Cases

Minimum – 2 hours

In-Person Mediation is available upon request - Fees TBD.
Half-day and or whole day is available upon request

$200.00 - $250.00 Per Party

Circuit Mediation

3 or more $125 Per Party

Minimum – 2 hours


$100.00 Per Party

Pre-Suit Mediation

Minimum – 2 hours

$75.00 Per Party

General Conflict Mediation

Minimum – 2 hours

Payments via PayPal or through Zelle. Cancellation must be made in writing or (text) 5 (five) days before the mediation date. Failure to notify on time and or failure to show for the mediation conference will result in the party or parties being responsible for the minimum charge of the mediation.